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Israel Among the Nations

Rabbi Abraham Greenbaum is special guest speaker at a meeting of Americans for a safe Israel in Brooklyn New York.  The three thought provoking videos provides a unique perspective on those living in diaspora. Rabbi Greenbaum also share his...

Happiness | Existing Vs Living

Rabbi Manis Friedman Lectures at Chabad of San Marcos, California about the Kabbalah of Happiness. “If happiness is at the top of our priorities list, why is unhappiness so common?” Existing vs. living.

Ten Commandments: David Solomon

Rabbi David Solomon discusses the importance and value of the Ten Commandments. He breaks down each of the Ten Commandments and brings insightful perspective for our generation. For more videos CLICK HERE

Teshuvah: Rabbi Avraham Sutton

Rabbi Avraham Suttton teaches this short lesson on teshuva or repentance. In judaism it is returning to G-D. This is one of the most important aspects of prayer. “Every human being has a soul,...

The Mystery Of Bowing

Rabbi Avraham Sutton conducted a two day series on prayer. In this video he speaks of the “Mystery of Bowing in prayer. From his book “A World of Infinite Blessing” For more information...

The Future of Religion

Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Philosophy at McGill University, Charles Taylor and Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Jonathan Sacks discuss The Future of Religion in a Secular Age.

Over The Rainbow

The Story of the Jews Episode Four Simon Schama plunges viewers into the lost world of the shtetl, the Jewish towns and villages sewn across the hinterlands of Eastern Europe, which became the seedbed...

The Ten Lost Tribes: Rabbi Elyahu Kin

This lecture the ten lost tribes is part of a series titled “The Seventy Most Difficult Questions” by Rabbi Elyahu Kin. In this presentation Rabbi Kin expounds on the history of the dispersion of...

Teshuva: David Solomon

The High Holidays are times that are especially conducive to teshuva. Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) is a day of fasting during which judgment for the year is sealed. Therefore, Jews strive their...


Discover the ancient Jewish kabalistic understanding of Gog-U-Magog and biblical prophecy. The words of the prophets are being fulfilled in our time. Do not ignore this video. Take time to consider the consequence of falling...


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