Emunah Manna | A Sustainable Connection with G-D

Discover that we all have a connection to the miracle of the Manna. Each day is a new day of a sustainable relationship with the creator. Learn the lesson of Emunah Manna. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, ” The Torah could be given only to eaters of manna.” A nation of bread eaters would have immediately embarked on a “digestion” process. “Love your fellow as yourself” — they would have said — that’s clean, nutritious stuff; but “Keep the Shabbat”? not practical in this day and age. They would have separated the PC parts from the “primitive” parts, the feel-good parts from the I’m-not-comfortable-with-that parts, the “historical facts” from the “folklore,” the “scientifically corroborated” parts from the esoteric, the “rituals” from the “restrictions“, etc. etc. -Chabad

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