Human Responsibility | Part Two

Human Responsibility | Part Two

This is chapter four of “The way of God”, paragraph four and five, of the “Way of G-D”.

Despite the fact that we’ are bound to materiality from the first and our souls are so stifled, nonetheless on some arcane level G-d arranged things in such a way that we’d be elevated in the end anyway. In fact, the very problem will prove to offer the solution< sup>2 and our physicality itself will enable us to turn darkness to light and the shadows of death into beams of light.
For when we function within the parameters that G-d established for us when it comes to physicality 4 and we have the right intentions, the physical things we do allow for perfection and enable us to be elevated. Those parameters take into account our state of being and are just what’ needed to allow us to draw close to G-d and to bask in His presence in this physical world and beyond. As such, when we use our physicality within those parameters we garner what you need to ascend and avoid what keeps us back from drawing close to G-d.
In fact, if it weren’t for the aforementioned decree of death , our souls would instantly become empowered and our physicality would be weakened, and we’d be purified enough to indeed draw close to G-d when we acted within those parameters. But since that decree is in place, in fact, the soul itself is purified on the spot to be sure (on an inchoate level), but the body is made only more potentially pure — until the time when both will indeed achieve perfection in tandem.

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