Humankind in this World | Part Three

Humankind in this World | Part Three

The way of God, Section II, Chapter 2 Paragraph 7-9

There’s another important thing about determining how something affects your being in the community of the righteous in the World to Come and your status there. It’s that there are certain good deeds that are adjudged not to earn you a place in the World to Come but to be rewarded for in this world instead. The situation of those in this category are much like that of the mostly wrongful — with one important distinction.

Those we just discussed do make it to the World to Come thanks to their good deeds, albeit only after having been cleansed in the Afterlife for their sins. But because of the nature of their good deeds they’d only achieve the lowest degree of the World to Come, and the majority of their good deeds will be rewarded while they’re alive. What’s tragic, though, is the fact that if those good deeds would have earned them a place in the World to Come, they’d have achieved a lofty one there.

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