Legacy of Love

Abraham brings down a legacy of Love and loving kindness for everyone to model. Through the simple human act of showing hospitality to strangers and visitors even under difficult circumstances (Abraham was in the wilderness — we are not talking about “entertaining” friends for dinner) man imitates his Maker, the Owner of the House. Man himself becomes the “host”, providing his guests not only with their physical needs but also with spiritual nourishment. Abraham gave his visitors the waters of spirituality with which to “wash their feet” of false ideas. He brought them in to “rest under the tree” — the Tree of Life. These are the ways of peace. When we sit down to talk peacefully with visitors and strangers about Torah and the purpose of life, this brings the Divine Presence to dwell with us. Pursuing such ways of peace made Abraham worthy of miracles — the miracle of the birth of Isaac, a worthy successor.

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