The Spiritual Realm | Part One

The Spiritual Realm | Part One

Chapter 5, Paragraph 1-2

In general, reality is comprised of two realms: a physical one and spiritual one. The physical realm itself is comprised of the things that we can experience with our senses, be they the more astronomical sorts of things like the stars and planets, or more terrestrial ones like the earth, seas, and sky, and all the other things that we can sense.

The spiritual realm is comprised of immaterial things that we can’t experience with our senses. They’re either soul’s which are the purely spiritual phenomena that enter into, are circumscribed by and are deeply connected to bodies so as to affect them in various ways and at different stages. Or they’re transcendent phenomena that never enter into physical bodies like the “forces”and angels. The transcendent phenomena exist on different levels, they each have unique natures, and they’re so highly variable that each would seem to be in a class of its own, but they’re all of one sort.

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