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Happiness | Existing Vs Living

Rabbi Manis Friedman Lectures at Chabad of San Marcos, California about the Kabbalah of Happiness. “If happiness is at the top of our priorities list, why is unhappiness so common?” Existing vs. living.

Finding your Purpose: Rabbi Jonathan Sachs

[box] Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, one of the world’s greatest Jewish scholars and contemporary thinkers, offers insights into Finding Purpose. A global religious leader, philosopher, author and moral voice for our time, Rabbi Lord Jonathan...

Dealing with Obstacles

People often imagine that the barriers they experience in their efforts to serve God are so great that they will never be able to break them. This week we share wisdom from Torah about...

Discover Your Purpose

Finding and developing your purpose gives meaning and excitement to life.  You were born with a purpose.  You were meant to live that purpose. Begin by looking at yourself.  The more you understand who...


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