The Book of Joshua | Part Four

In no ordinary manner did the Jewish people cross the Jordan in order to storm the first bastion of the Land of Canaan. They were to pass over the waters of the Jordan as miraculously as their fathers had passed through the waves of the Red Sea. On the tenth day of Nissan (2488), the river was full to overflowing. The priests advanced with the Holy Ark, and as the soles of their feet touched the waters of the Jordan, the waters at that point halted in their course, piling up into a wall, while the rest flowed down. Thus, the riverbed became dry, and the whole nation passed over. The people gazed with reverential awe upon Joshua, and they feared him as they had feared Moses. Twelve men, one from each tribe, then carried twelve stones from the bed of the Jordan to a spot on the shore, where they erected a monument to commemorate the historic and miraculous event. The people settled in Gilgal on the western shore of the Jordan, where they set up the Tabernacle which stayed there for fourteen years, until the land of Canaan was conquered and divided.

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