The Divine Origin of the Torah | Part Two

A person immersed in Torah study, who encounters ever deeper layers of meaning, who looks into the precise chain of Jewish transmission, the names and dates of whose figures are known to us today (The author’s publication Nine Answers and a Question has more on this subject), who realizes that the world’s religions admit to the Divine origin of the Torah, and that it alone, of all mankind’s religious documents, was delivered to millions of people during the revelation at Sinai, and who reflects upon the endless prophesies of the Tanach that have come true unto the finest detail, would be offended at the suggestion that human science and its discoveries are required to prove the truth of the Torah. For, after all, all scientific wisdom is of infinitely lower standing than the Torah, for its laws and principles change constantly, whereas the truth of the Torah is immutable. Newton was replaced by Einstein, and today new discoveries challenge Einstein’s findings as well. Paradigm shifts occur in every area of science. How could such transient proofs then validate – or challenge – the truth of the Torah? An exposition of the scientific knowledge found in the Written and Oral Torah is really only necessary for our generation, when the respect for science is so great that it can actually uplift the status of the Torah, although in its essence, the Torah is infinitely higher. Those whose lives are dedicated to the ever deeper study of Torah, on all its levels, know that the greatest scientific revelations are trifling compared to the incomparable depths and wisdom contained in this holy book.

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