The Trait of Humility | Part I

We have already discussed the shamefulness of pride and have been made aware, by inference, of the praiseworthiness of Humility. In The Trait of Humility | Part I, we shall now discuss Humility directly, and the nature of pride will become clear of itself. The essence of Humility is in a person’s not attaching importance to himself for any reason whatsoever. This trait is the very opposite of pride and its results are the very opposite of the results of pride. Analysis will reveal that Humility is dependent upon thought and deed. Before a man conducts himself in the way of the Humble, he must first be Humble in thought. One who attempts to be Humble in deeds without first having cultivated an attitude of Humility belongs to that class of wicked, deceitful, “humble” men which we mentioned previously, that class of hypocrites, than which there is nothing more evil in the world.

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