What Does It mean To Aquire a Friend

Ethics of Our Fathers (Pirkei Avot) tells us to “acquire a friend for yourself” (1:6). Why must we acquire a friend? In essence, the verse is telling us that we need a person in whom we can confide, but who can be honest with us. Think of your best friend; think of all of the good times and bad times you have shared. I am guessing that what makes you close to that person is not only your shared experiences, but that you feel that your friend knows you best and that you have an honest relationship with each other. Rabbi Abraham Twerski, in his book Visions of the Fathers, writes (p. 33) that “the only way to avoid the pitfall of distorted judgment is to enlist the help of an outside person who is not affected by our biases.” – Devorah Avrukin

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