A Whole “Lot” of Trouble

In this week Parshah Vareira titled A whole lot of trouble we examining the consequence ones decisions from the story of Lot and the judgment of Sodom. Genesis18:16-20 Abraham’s virtue as guardian of G-d’s Covenant shines out in contrast to the wickedness of his generation in a “civilization” run amok. Those who are familiar with the stark, eerie desert mountain landscape of the YAM HAMELACH (“Salt” or “Dead Sea”) area with its unique climate and colors may try to imagine it as the setting for one of the most sophisticated “civilizations” that ever was. For prior to the raining down of G-d’s anger on Sodom and the neighboring towns in the form of fire and brimstone, that same area was once luxuriantly fertile “like G-d’s garden” (Gen. 13:10). The desolate desert areas around the Yam HaMelach are gaunt, testimony to the fact that unless man repents, sin leads to destruction. Human immorality destroy not only man himself but the very physical environment around him.

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